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The episode starts with Aman, Roshni, Rehaan and Shayari noticed a door is slightly opened inside their house and light is coming out from inside it. Rubina says this is the door to hell which is opened now and one of them is out from it now.

The house members are trying to find the jinn inside their house. Shayari says I guess jinn is trying to make us confused hence we should be breaks into teams and try to search for it.

Aman moves back and he notices some movements in the water but before he can move back it was stopped. Roshni comes back to Aman and asks if everything is alright? Aman says something is in the water and he uses his magic on the poll and a ball of water comes out of it and a human being falls from it.

Everyone gathers near her and tries to understand who she is and what can be her agenda when Rubina says she is a jinn and she came from the hell of jinn land. Aman asks Rehaan to keep her on the bed while Shayari says please don’t believe in her innocent face cause such jinn can be more dangerous and Rehaan teases her saying and I have personal experience in it.

Aman makes a cage around the Jinn and says let me check the fridge first and he goes with Rubina Shayari and Rehaan to close the fridge door which keeps on getting opened. They chained it and Rubina applies her powers in it and declared now Jinn can not come out of hell in this way.

Roshni is playing with Armaan inside their room when Aman goes and watch them from a distance and gets happy and he clicked the pic and keeps it safe with his hand gestures only and Roshni gets happy to see this. He sits besides Armaan and says he is my son then he must be having my powers in him. Roshni says no I am his mother and his muscles are also strong so he must be having my powers and they both start to argue in a cute and adorable way.

Salma is walking in the Hall area when the jinn gets up and looks around her to find her caged. She thinks ppl gets trapped in net and here I got trapped in a cage. She asks for water from Salma while on the other side Roshni and Aman are continuing with their cute bickering.

Salma asks her who are you but then gives her a glass of water and she puts it in herself transforming the water of glass into an ocean almost and says to Salma it will be not be easy to trap this fish. She goes vanished and Salma gets scared with what she just saw and calls Aman and Roshni.

All of them comes there and notices so much water in the room and Salma narrates them everything and says the jinn must be in pool area. Aman asks her who are you and what is your purpose but she says nothing to him.

Rubina says to them she is not harmful as of now but that doesn’t mean she will not be in the coming future. She can show her true colors any time to us. Khanna comes to Junaid Manzil with files and the fish jinn hypnotized him and eats him up by making him fall in the water.

Precap – Fish jinn hypnotized Rehaan and he is also sitting with her in the pool water. Roshni, Aman and Shayari gets shocked to see this.