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Episode begins with Jalpari hypnotized Khanna and on other side, Rehaan and the other housemates decided to keep en eye on the water jinn one after another. Rehaan goes first time and he is keeping an eye on her. Suddenly Rehaan notices files of Khanna and thinks he came and kept files but didn’t inform me.

On the same time, the water jinn splashed some water on Rehaan to hypnotize him. Rehaan noticed a dragon approaches towards him and trying to harm him. He tries to get saved from it because of the hallucinations of him while water jinn gets happy that he will be under her control soon.

Rehaan jumps into the water in a thought of attacking the dragon and water jinn gets happy to see this. On the other hand, Aman and Roshni who are spending some moments with each other notices Armaan is doing magic in the room but he keeps the vase with a thud on the table and Aman and Roshni gets worried about what happened.

Shayari gets sleepy in her room bug then she wakes up and decided to have a look on Rehaan once as he is with that silly water jinn. Aman and Roshni picks up Armaan from the bed and asks what happened when Aman notices Armaan is indicating something to them by making the water black. They thought of Rehaan and decides to have a check on him. Water Jinn hypnotized Rehaan and made him mermaid as well.

Roshni, Aman and Shayari comes tehew and gets shocked to see the scenario and Shayari gets angry with Rehaan. Aman also notices something off with the jinn as she is behaving odd but he still relies on Rehaan words who says he goes into the water for his ring as she is not giving it to him. However, Rehaan doesn’t remember that he is hypnotized by the water jinn.

Shayari takes him away saying she gets to know about someone who is a good jinn and can help them to close the door of Jinn land hell. Aman is continuously keeping an eye on the water jinn and he is finding her to be very odd at times. Aman and Roshni decided to keep an eye on her from their room and goes together while water jinn tries to hypnotized them but Armaan stops it with his powers.

Shayari is in the car with Rehaan and she notices he is off and is lost somewhere while Rehaan tries to recall what exactly happened to him and why he feels he forgets something. Aman and Roshni are reminiscing their old days when water jinn again tries to hypnotized them using her powers and water is flowing towards Aman and Roshni.

Precap – Aman and Roshni are hypnotized and falls in swimming pool together.