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Episode starts with Shayari is trying to know about Natasha and her partner. Rubina is telling Natasha about her plan when Aman comes there and shocked to see Rubina with Natasha and asks what you two are doing here together? Rubina says yes and I called you here with a false call. She spills a liquid on him and Aman changes into a man with scratches and stains on face and also his good branded clothes changes into torned clothes. He goes away from there and comes to house and calls Roshni and other family members.

.Roshni comes down to talk with Aman but gets shocked to see a strange man and the entire family members are trying to avoid him. They says seeing his face it seems he is dangerous man. However Roshni is not ready to agree to it and she is trying to understand what he is trying to say. Rubina is constantly playing her games to make things difficult for Aman and Roshni so that she can get succeed in her plan to gain her Ayaana heart back from Roshni.

Rehaan and Shayari decided to investigate in the house of Natasha so that they can find out any clue about her partner with whom she is playing the game against Aman and his family. Roshni is trying to make the family members understand that we shouldn’t judge someone by their face and she is not feeling any danger from this person.

.Rubina hits Aman on his head in front of everybody in the house. She says that he is kachra Jinn and this type of jeans are basically made because they must have committed some grave crimes in their life. Roshni asks the family members to keep quiet and she will handle this person. She asks him that I am not getting what you are saying that I will surely understand your words through your writing. she asked him to write whatever he is trying to say so that she can understand and acts according to it.

Rubina is constantly trying to manipulate the situation in her favour. On the other hand Rehan and shayari lands in a crisis when shayari get caught inside a glass box and they noticed there is a time bomb. shayari starts to cry that I am going to die in the next three minutes and I am not even get married and have kids yet.

She says to Rehan that I am going to die in two and half minutes and he is not even letting her talk. however Rehan rescued her at the peak of time and they have their first hug with each other. Aman is possessed by a magic of Rubina due to which he attacks on Roshni. Armaan saves her at the nick of time and Roshni decided that she will make the person leave their house specially when Aman is absent.

Precap – Roshni gives Rubina a letter and says I wrote the punishment for Kachra jinn and gives a stamp on it too.