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Episode begins with Aman who is under the influence of Rubina ends up making Saima and Salma ugly too as they re laughing on him and his not so beautiful face. He says you people are making a joke on me but now you have to do it with yourself too. Roshni comes there and prevents Aman for harming another family members and asks all to go inside while she can manage him and she says that whatever you are doing is not in good taste and should not be appreciated.

On the other side, Rehaan saves Shayari and and they shared their first hug. Shayari is touched by the gesture of Rehaan. She gets a page of Ilm-e-jinn and thinks it is only with Rubina as she has the power to use it only then how is it here and then she discovers that Rubina is not what she is showing to the world. Before she can open up about it Natasha comes there and she uses the body swap lotion and turns into Shayari while Shayari trapped inside Natasha. Natasha traps Shayari inside the cupboard and leaves with Rehaan from the place. Rehaan gets a doubt on Natasha as she can look like Shayari but she is behaving completely opposite which made Rehaan suspicious.

In Junaid house, Aman says to Roshni why are you scolding me? They are the one who are laughing at me and now when I turned them into myself, all are feeling sad including you. This means even you agree then that being ugly is a crime and you also hate me because I am not beautiful . Roshni tries to assure him that she doesn’t hate him and asks him to revive her family members and in return she is ready to be like him for life. He agrees and says I hope you are not trying to play any double game with me. He changes Saima and Salma into their beautiful faces early. Rubina is trying to make Roshni agree to make a punishment for Kachra jinn urfff Aman so that she can get successful in her game.

Natasha comes there as Shayari and agrees to Rubina while she understands that it’s Natasha. Rehaan noticed some strange behavior in Shayari and finally concludes that it is Natasha with them in the look of Shayari. He decides to look for real Shayari. Armaan gets happy to see Aman as Kachra jinn also and he showers rose petals on him. Roshni thinks maybe Armaan can see what we are not able to see.

Precap : Shayari reveals the reality of Rubina in front of the house mates.