The episode starts with a man informing Aman’s family about Roshni being a courtesan daughter. Anjum gets shocked to know about the Identity of Roshni. On the other side, Roshni tells her friend Farah that she can do this much for the happiness of her mother. She says whatever she has done for her up till now is something she can never balance ever in her life. She says for the sake of her mother she will do it and once she gest married she will have her own bakery and all this will be left behind.

Parveen gets angry to know about the Identity of Roshni and she freaks out. She says girls like her are only behind money and they don’t care about anybody else family and happiness. They will trap people who are financially rich and then they try to extract money from them as much as they can. They don’t care if the person is someone else’s husband or father.

Anjum tries to make her understand that it is 2019 now Maybe the mother of Roshni is attached to such a profession but that girl is one innocent human being who delivered cookies door to door. Parveen says girls like her can never be innocent, they are so much cunning and money minded. Anjum says but Roshni is not a dancer, Parveen says if not now but she will become one eventually. After all, a malicious upbringing will show its true colors sooner or later.

Suddenly Parveen says she is not able to see anything and collapsed on the couch. Aman and Anjum try to wake her up but she doesn’t respond. Anjum asks Aman to immediately bring Roshni home as she can only heal his mother. Aman is emotionally messed up but he runs out of the house to bring Roshni while the real identity of her is disturbing him big time.

Salma took Roshni out of the house to leave for MLA’s home. Aman reached there once Roshni left and find a lock on the door. He feels helpless and frustrated when baazigar comes as a ray of hope for him. He shows Aman’s path towards the MLA house to reach out to Roshni. Roshni is dancing on the occasion of MLA. She is very much disappointed and depressed but still going ahead for Salma. Aman reaches there and spots Roshni, she is dancing among the crowd and he tells to her that his mother needs her but still she has no time for that. Roshni seems clueless about the whole thing when Aman drags her by her hand. Salma tries to stop him but he gave her his watch worth Rs. 2 Lakh.

Aman brings Roshni home and tries to heal Parveen with her help but the marks have gone but Parveen says she is unable to see anything. Aman gets angry with Roshni and gives her an earful. He throws money on her and says something really awful about her mother. Roshni defends Salma and says just like you even though she loves her mother so much. she came here because he said his mother needs help.

Precap – Aman says he will get married to Roshni and he reaches the marriage venue.