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Episode starts with Roshni is worried and is getting ready in her room when Kachra Jinn comes from behind and starts to decked her up with hair dryer and Roshni feels she has some connection with him. Rubina sees everything through the camera of Natasha and she fears that Roshni can identify Aman.

Rubina is planning to stop the blue moon so that Aman can never come back to his original form. Roshni is feeling uneasy about the whole process and she thinks she should stop everything from happening. She goes to click photos, but is still unsure. Rubina creates a burning whole so that Aman gets dragged inside. Suddenly the house is getting blinking with lights from all over and Aman saves Roshni.

Roshni suddenly feels the connection and she connected the dots and goes to save Aman. Armaan also helps Roshni to save Aman and they are able to save him from going inside the whole. Rehaan finally finds out about Shayari from the house of Natasha. She tells him about Rubina being the mastermind behind all these. She asks him to pretend as of now that he knows nothing and plays along with Natasha as Shayari.

Shayari she will try to find out about the what is going on in real? Roshni identifies Aman and they both meets. Aman comes back to his real form but Rubina still convinced one of the fairies about Roshni not being capable. Roshni finds out her clips are being black smoke now. Roshni is unable to understand anything what is going on around her. The family members asks Aman that how did he become Kachra Jinn all of a sudden and who did it? Rubina comes there all smiling and behaving goody goody.

Aman is trying to recall what all exactly happened with him. He is getting some unclear flashes in his mind and he is struggling to recall the events. He notices Rubina around him and seeing her he gets a stern expression on his face and he moves slowly towards her. Rubina gets panicked andar she thinks what will happen if Aman is able to recall that she made him Kachra jinn only and her entire game will be finished.

Precap – Rubina is checking something in Ilm-e-jinn and she again brings out the sword of Aman. Aman and Roshni is watching everything from the cupboard together.