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Episode begins with Aman and Roshni sleeping side by side when suddenly there is a light flash in her room. She asks Aman what is happening but unable to understand. Aman says to Roshni let’s go and follow this soul and they comes to the Hall and the light again sparks and Roshni asks to Aman what is going on?

On the other side, Rehaan and Shayari got inside the Ilm-E-Jinn when they are roaming inside a library. Aman and Roshni are seeing some past events where Roshni gets to know about her parents and Aman also gets to know that his father killed the parents of Roshni. She breaks down and cries for her parents.

She thinks I was living with an idea that they abandoned me in my childhood but today I got to know about them not being alive and how much they love me. Aman says I am the son of the killer of your parents. He asks for an apology for his father’s deeds. She gets to know that Rubina is his relative.

Roshni assures Aman that you are not responsible for whatever happened with me and what your father did. If he snatches everything from me then you have me every happiness of life. Aman thinks you beared a lot for my father and now I will not let anyone hurt you.

Shayari and Rehaan are trapped inside the book and somehow Shayari brings out herself and Rehaan out of the book. Roshni goes to meet Rubina and says I came here to meet you in secret and no one knows about me being here. She says to Rubina you can take my heart on the night of ultimatum and I will not stop you.

Aman vows to protect Roshni at any cost and decided to do anything to protect Roshni and her heart from Rubina. He says to her grandmother that you always told me that family and family unity is the biggest strength one can have and I have it with me. Anjum says you are the king of Jinnath and you never ever bow down before anything. He says you are right now I will show the power of love, I will make a new sword for myself which will be the sword of love and not power and magic. I will let the world see what can be done with the power of love? Anjum feels proud of her grandson and she extends her support to him.

Precap – Rubina says to Roshni we both are Ayana but our thinking level doesn’t match with each other. Roshni says to her but there is one thing common, blood. We are blood related to each other. Roshni reveals her real identity to Rubina and says I am the daughter of your brother Mansoor and your niece. Rubina gets shocked and emotional to know this.