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Episode begins with Aman asking apology from Armaan for doubting his intention. He says I often made a mistake of forgetting that you have blood of Ayaana too and you are also pure. Suddenly they saw rain of fire is happening and Roshni asks Aman to stop doing magic and making the rain occurence. Aman says I am doing no magic this time. They realised that this time may be real rain of fire is happening. Aman asks all to run away from there.

Inside the mansion, the housemates closes the doors and windows of the house. Rubina says the real night for the appointment of kaala jinn is here and now the crown is coming down then it will surely find out the one for whom it came. Tabeezi says we will not let the crown come near Armaan. Aman, Roshni, Rehaan and Tabeezi did magic to protect the surrounding of Armaan and keep him inside a safe circle. Aman calls for his sword and stands in front of all while the other housemates and Roshni stands circling Armaan with keeping their weapons ready to protect Armaan.

Suddenly they noticed something golden and sparkling is knocking at their door. Aman is getting ready to face it while all others are looking at it and trying to understand what will happen next? Suddenly the door get opened with a jerk almost and a huge blow came inside along with a circle of fire. Aman inspite of having situation like not able to look proper didn’t move from his place and tries to stop with the help of his sword and Roshni is also trying to apply her magics so that Armaan can get saved from it. Rehaan also joins in a little later. However, they are able to take away the fire ball but Rubina says the danger is not yet over and we have to be careful very much.

Aman notices some activity outside and asks all to keep calm as he will tackle with it when Roshni faces some deadly monsters are appearing inside the house and Roshni asks Rehaan and Shayari for help and Rubina asks the other house members to throw the powder of Zang-E-Marmar on them. After a point Roshni is able to demolish them all and she was alone with Armaan when she notices Aman is getting injure and she runs to him but realized he was all fine and it was a illusion created to distract her. Both Aman and Roshni came inside the house running but thankfully Armaan was fit and fine at that moment.

Later Roshni is getting emotional for her other baby and takes oath not let anything happen to Armaan. Later the crown for black jinn came down and it was chasing Armaan when the baby soul of Aman and Roshni’s kid comes there and takes the crown on his head so that Armaan can get saved. However, this made the soul came back to life and Aman and Roshni gets happy to see their two babies are fit and fine with each other. Later Aman and Roshni gets into a romantic mood over a full moon night.

Precap – Aman and Roshni shocked to see a look-a-like of Aman inside their house .