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Episode starts with Rubina says to Roshni that you are not going to oppose me and is going to handover my heart to me. Basically it is not abnormal because the heart of gold is like that and it can’t see anything injustice . Rubina says you can be an ayana and have a heart of gold. Basically I feel you are not eligible to have a heart like that because you can’t even use it properly.

Roshni says may be we are different by thinking but somehow we are related to each other by blood. She says to Rubina I am daughter of your late brother Mansoor Ali Khan Chowdhuri and today I got to know about you being my aunty. I am looking for my family from my childhood and today only I was able to know that my aunty is in front of me all this while and I still couldn’t recognise her at all.

Rubina says but why should I believe that this is not a plan of your and your husband. Roshni says you can trust the blood of your brother at least if not anything. She asks Rubina to take care of Aman and her family members after her. That’s all she wants as she will be not there.

Rubina asks her to live her life as much as she wants till the night of clymax and that day Roshni should come to the place where Rubina will call her. Roshni agrees to the deal and leaves from there. Rehaan and Shayari are trying to find out a copy of Ilm-E-Jinn so that they can get answers of their questions and queries as well.

Aman is trying to find out ways to make a new sword for Roshni but is unable to find any. He is not getting any idea but then he noticed the bird and the angels of Roshni comes to him with a letter and drops it in his hand. Aman notices it is from the father of Roshni. He calls Baazigar but at the same time Roshni comes there and asks Aman what he is upto he made an excuse to her and she laughs it off.

Roshni says to Aman today she will make food for him and he has to eat it. Aman agrees to it and decides he has to make a new sword at any cost. Rehaan and Shayari afe trying to find out if the Ilm-E-Jinn was fake or real and they tried to test it in their own way like Tabizi used to do. They find out a solution and also understand that the book is not fake. They goes out of the library with the mirror in hand so that they can help out Aman and Roshni.

Roshni is making food for Aman in the kitchen when she sees reflection of fairy in the mirror and she wonders how is it possible? She thinks if the fairy and the fountain is trying to convey some message to her? Aman reads the message to make a new sword for himself and decided that he has to do it but it will require him to do something unusual with himself first.

Precap – Aman is trying to wake up the beast inside him so that he can do the impossible.