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Episode begins with Roshni saying to Aman to get ready on time and suddenly she notices baby soul is missing from the bed. Aman and Roshni gets shocked and started to look for him in the house. They gets shocked to see a look-a-like of Aman is standing inside the kitchen.

Rubina explains the situation to them and says as baby soul got the crown so as an after effect of it he is growing up so fast so that he can take care of the empire of black jinn well. Rubina says within 3 days he will become a complete black jinn and also will be effected by the power of the crown of black magic world. His share of bad thinking will be effective on him in a bigger way. Roshni says but he is so sweet, he made breakfast for all of us by getting up early in the morning.

Rubina asks Roshni not to get fooled by surrounding and get a fact straight into her head that as he is the one who wore that crown he will be guided by black powers and evil energy soon. It is just the wait of time and nothing else. Sara and Saima are inside the kitchen and is taking breakfast and they pour tea from a kettle to a cup and moved aside. The cup starts to fly in the air and spill the tea on her hand. Everyone comes there and asks how does she got hurt? The baby jinn comes there and says I did it because I was making tea and breakfast for all of us and she came and starts to drink my tea without even asking me.

Roshni manages the situation and says she must haven’t seen you as she doesn’t know you are here. He asks all to come and do breakfast as he prepared it. Everyone agrees and follows when Shayari calls Roshni in a corner and says to become a full grown jinn he has to commit three sins. To harm someone, getting angry and take someone life. Roshni says but since he is my son, he should have some trait of mine too right?

Roshni says the effect of black magic world is so strong that no one can get saved from it, not even Ayaana. Suddenly baby jinn comes there and says I am getting angry now and throws a vase. He says I made breakfast with so much love for all but none is eating. Roshni says nothing like that we are coming but before that we are planning a surprise for you and that’s why we are hiding it all from you. He gets happy to know this and goes away. Later Aman gives him a video game but he says he wants to play with Armaan.

Roshni and Aman decided to send Armaan away from the house with Rehaan and Shayari. In the evening, they all welcomed grown up baby jinn in a grand way and Roshni blesses him with a locket and blessings as a mother and he gets effected with a motherly touch and affection and cut the cake.

Roshni names him Ayan as he is the son of Ayana. Inspite of all this he gets doubt that his family may be lying to him and he notices Armaan, Rehaan and Shayari are missing. However, Aman and Roshni manages the situation but later on he hits his toy car with Anjum and asks Aman and Roshni to punish her for breaking his car or else he is getting so much angry .

Precap – Aman and Roshni see Ayan is hanging Saima in the air.