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Episode begins with Ayan says my grandmother broke my car and you need to punish my grandmother. Aman and Roshni tries to make him understand that it was a genuine mistake but then to make him happy Aman and Roshni are scolding Anjum and Ayan says is this a way to punish people?

He suddenly makes a circle of fire around Anjum to punish her. On the other side, Rehaan is trying to make Armaan calm and he is continuously crying for any issues. Shayari comes and take him in her arms and says I gave you him for some time and yet you made him cry? What you did that he starts to crying all off a sudden. Aman and Roshni are struggling to free Anjum from it as Ayan is doing his magic.

Rehaan says to Shayari that he is crying the moment we are taking him away from the water tap not because you are taking care of him. Shayari brings Armaan closer to the tap and he does magic and make the fire dissolve with the water in the another house. Aman and Roshni wonders who did the magic and how? Ayan gets more angry and pinned Anjum to a wall and Aman goes and slaps Ayaan as a father to teach him a lesson.

However this made Ayaan angry enough and he increases his height when Roshni sends her fairy birds around him to calm him down and it works on him. However, Aman and Roshni gets upset to see Ayaan did committed the first crime inspite of their endless efforts. Rubina says to them he did his first sin now only two other crime is left for him to become a full fledged black jinn.

.At the night, Roshni and Aman had a video call with Rehaan and Shayari and they get to see Armaan too when they talkied about the incident and Shayari informs him that Armaan did some magic from the water tap some times ago and Aman and Roshni recognizes it and understand that somehow Armaan is aware what Ayan is upto maybe. Shayari says they are twins and this is twin telepathy that he gets to understand what he can do from earlier only.

Aman ans Roshni faces another misdoing of Ayan in the house when he hangs his aunty to know the whereabouts of Armaan. Aman calls for baazigar and Ayan sees it and asks what is it and Aman says he is my companion and my partner. Roshni tries to make him understand we all are family and family members don’t harm each other. Shayari and Rehaan protect the entire house with the poweder of Zang-E-Marmar and notices a baby baazigar and informs Aman and Roshni and they failed to understand the hint of Armaan.

Later on Roshni and Aman finds out Ayan is trying to drive a car and they stopped him when Aman calls for baazigar but he goes towards Ayan. He says now baazigar will be mine and I will have him. Aman gets upset to see Baazigar doesn’t come to him and with this he fulfilled another crime of stealing something valuable too.
Precap – Ayan captures the entire family members inside a cage and is trying to kill them all.