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Episode begins with Aman calls for Baazigar and it sits on the shoulder of Ayan and Roshni tries to stop him but he takes the magic wand and does magic. Aman and Roshni goes inside and sees the housemates are captured inside the house in a circle of fire. Aman and Roshni ask Ayaan to stop and not to go on a path of hate and destruction but all that are falling into deaf ears.

Rubina calls Rehaan and asks about Armaan so that they can get any hint about upcoming act of Ayan but she noticed the entire house is converted into black cave of jinnath and Ayan is all set to become black Jinn and says I want a lot of power and only becoming a black jinn can be helpful for me.

Rehaan and Shayari are back in the house with Armaan and gets shocked to see the house back to it’s normal form but housemates are caged and their mouths are taped also. Rehaan assures the housemates that he will rescue them at any cost when he saw Ayaan and asks him what is this going on and why are you caged them? Ayaan welcomes them and says finally you people are back with my brother and says my brother will make you see what I want right?

Actually I wanted to bring you people back in this house with Armaan and that is why I made you all see
What I want you all to see. Now hand over Armaan to me and Shayari and Rehaan are looking for Aman and Roshni and they are made into statue by Ayaan so that they can only hear and see and can’t react to anything or do anything against him.

Shayari and Rehaan tries to protect Armaan but Ayaan made them into statues too. Suddenly Ayan noticed that a black circle is forming which is a sign of black jinn and he says this kind of three circles will be made and when it will be done then I will become a complete black jinn. Roshni says to Armaan that he can hear her even if she does not talk and she asks him to help his family and his parents out in this crisis time and Armaan smiles at the words of Roshni and he abolished the hypnotism of Ayaan and made them free from the statue mode.

Roshni signs all to pretend to be statues so that Ayaan doesn’t get to know about them but Ayan gets a doubt but couldn’t understand. He says to Armaan till now you lived a life and I was roaming around being a soul and now you will become a soul and I will be the the black jinn and that’s how our fortune will be changed. He is about to do something to Armaan when Shayari stops him with her rope and Rehaan and Roshni applies their magic to move Armaan and make him fall on the ground. Ayaan counter attacks with the magic wand of Aman on Roshni, Shayari and Rehaan. He says the third circle of black jinn is formed or else I will kill all four of you first before anything.

Precap – Aman finally attacks Ayaan with his sword but Roshni comes in between and gets stabbed.