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Episode begins with Ayan tried to harm the family members. Roshni keeps pleading and begging in front of him for not to harm the family members but Ayan doesn’t pay attention to her rants. She keeps on plead to him but all that falls into deaf ears and he is laughing at Roshni and says all your crying can not affect me and Aman finally remembered that only his sword can stop Ayan and he calls for it after a long while and Ayan asks Aman are you going to kill me? He says so all your love and affection is only for Armaan and all the love for me is nothing but a show off.

Aman says to him I love you but can not support your wrong doings and I have to take care of my entire family too and that is my responsibility and if I have to defeat you for doing my responsibility then I am not going to step back. Ayan does magic again and made the house members miserable by making the fire enter the cage. This is it for Aman and he uses his sword for Ayan but at the end moment Roshni comes in between and takes the sword on her. Aman rushed to Roshni as she collapses on the floor and Rehaan and Shayari also come and joins Aman.

Ayan thinks the circles are complete and if I don’t put Armaan in the fire now then I will not be able to become the black jinn. However he changed his mind at the end moment and gives Roshni his crown when Aman is trying to look for Rubina to save Roshni from the sword of Jinnath. He gives her the crown to save her life and goes away from there. He says to Roshni I am giving my mother life of my share and I want to say I love you a lot and I will always remain her son only and no crown can change that.

I will wait for you in that world and we will meet again till then keep remember me not as a bad son of yours but for my good deeds, as baby rooh of all of you and he left from there but Roshni behaves so odd suddenly when Aman tries to remove the crown from her head. She says no one will touch it as this crown belongs to me only and faints on the spot and Aman gets shocked to see it and asks Rubina if Roshni can become a black jinn too being an Ayana?

Rubina says such thing never happened hence I don’t know but I am confused. After a while Roshni comes to her sense and behaves normal and asks for food from Aman. However when he is back with her favourite Chinese, she throws the plate and says I don’t want to eat and is looking for her crown. Then again she is back to normal and wondered how the food items are scattered on floor like this?

Aman approaches Rubina regarding this issue and she says since the three conditions for the black jinn conversion was complete hence the crown is trying to affect Roshni but her Ayana self is not letting it happen and that’s why the conflict is happening. She asks Rehaan to bring something from her house which can bring back Roshni to her old self before evening and Rehaan agrees and left for her house.

Precap – Roshni and Aman fight and Aman tries to regain the real Roshni.