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Episode begins with Roshni bring Armaan outside of the house and says to Aman that she wants to roam outside of the house for a time while. She comes back after some time and says Armaan is enjoying the fresh air so much hence I left him hanging there. Aman rushes there and uses his magic wand to bring back Armaan on ground and Roshni comes back to her senses and she runs to Armaan and starts to scold Aman for being irresponsible and brings Armaan outside in cold. She takes him inside and says I am always with you and will take care of you baby. She asks Aman who took Armaan outside of the house and did this. Aman says to her I won’t hide anything from you and says all these are done by you only.

Actually the black crown is making you do all these. Due to the effect of it you becomes Kaala Jinn at times but then again you come back to the form of Roshni. It keeps on changing time to time and Roshni gets upset to hear that she is somehow responsible for making Armaan land in danger and Roshni feels sad about it. On the other side, Rehaan reaches the house of Rubina and gets shocked to find Natasha there. He asks her you died that day then how come you come back like this? She says that day the jinn inside me died but not myself.

Rehaan says I have no believe in any of your claims and brings out his magic wand. Natasha says we can discuss this later but I need a tonic which may be available to Rubina only so I came to take it. Rehaan also searches for the box he is looking for and finally got one in blue. He opens it and finds two bottles and doesn’t understand which one is suitable for Roshni? He takes one bottle to inhale the smell but unknowingly he takes a wrong tonic and as a result his body gets exchanged with Natasha.

Rubina on the other hand says to Aman you have to inject the tonic in Roshni’s body with the dirt arrow but only when she is in the form of Ayaana cause this tonic will keep her in same form in which she was in at the time of taking it. Natasha who is actually Rehaan comes there with her tonic. However, the house people are confused to see them together and couldn’t understand what’s going on but Rehaan says let’s concentrate on Roshni as of now and I’ll explain everything later on with all of you.

Roshni starts to dance on a groovy music and asks all the housemates to join in as well. They did as she says to keep her happy and asks Aman to inject her timely. He gets two chances but the change in Roshni is so quick that he is getting confused. Finally when he takes his attempt as she was in Ayana form, it goes wrong and the next moment she converts into black jinn and injects herself with the tonic immediately and suddenly she converts into a black jinn.

Precap – Roshni calls off all ties with Aman in black jinn form.