In today’s episode viewers will watch how Roshni calms the Jinn firstly inside Aman but second time was attacked by him. 

Aman will be holding two people in both hands by their neck because of which they are gradually succumbing to death.  Everybody in Aman’s family will get terrified that real truth of Aman being a monster will be revealed because his eyes changed its color to blue. To calm him down, Roshni puts her hand on his shoulder and and his conversion of becoming beast will stop. Aman will be surprised that how a mere touch on his shoulder can stop him turning to beast. He apologize everyone and turned to go to his room when someone said that he is Nawab but his father has left his mother and wife is a courtesan. 

Listening to this Aman attacks him and while he was returning, he noticed he is again changing to beast. He goes to his room upstairs and locks himself from inside and then chain himself so that he could not hurt anyone. 

However, downstairs Parveen says bad things to Roshni but Aman’s grandmother stops her. His grandmother meets Tabizi and they discuss how Junaid has given his first son Aman to Jinn. Jinn cast his showdow on child Aman which turns him to Jinn but he is unable to take Aman with him. From that day Aman has become half Jinn and half human. Only true love between Ayana (Roshni) and Aman can save him from Jinn’s saaya.  

In the room, Roshni couldn’t open door so she gets through window only to discover how Aman has tied himself to chains. She goes near to him but he wakes up and asks her to leave immediately in a very harsh tone repeatedly. Roshni saw how his nails are changing. While screaming loudly  to Roshni, Aman lose his consciousness. Roshni attend to his wounds when he turns into beast again and attacks her. 


Aman lifting wounded unconscious Roshni.