In today’s episode viewers will witness Roshni finally thinking about Aman but in different perspective. 

Aman calls Salma to enquire that whether Roshni remembers anything about him or not for the fourth time from morning. Salma bit agitated told him that nothing from morning. Roshni is baking and talking to her about how Aman did some magic on her and how she turned into Aayana unaware of the fact what she really is. She thinks Aman have magic and she have some strength. Salma asks her about Aman but she hates the talking about him.  

Aman takes help of Kabir and goes to Roshni’s home explaining Kabir and Salma how to get into the act. He breaks Roshni’s home through magic and both Salma and Kabir convinces Roshni to stay in the outhouse of his house on rent. 

Later, Aman returns Chal Shisha to Tabizi. Tabizi warns him about extreme usage of Chal Shisha. After Aman leaves Kabir arrives and saw how bangle of Tabizi giving her hints about him. He make Tabizi unconscious check book. The book was showing his true identity. Kabir tore the page but unable to take it because it dodges him. Helpless Kabir, he captures Tabizi in Chal Shisha. He was hiding Chal Shisha at home when Aman comes to him. To hide from Aman he puts in in between the books. 

Aman takes him to meet all family members and they decide to welcome Kabir, Farah and Roshni together through giving gifts. Kabir remembers how he stabbed every family member one by one. Aman hugs him. Baazigar is looking at Kabir and Kabir got suspicious that does hee remembers anything and he is the one killed everyone. 


Roshni is impressed by Aman’s cooking skills and offers him noodles. Aman eats it despite of everyone saying no.