From fun to romance to conspiracies, today episode is not to be missed. 

Roshni is on her way to home in auto rickshaw while Aman follows her in his car. She sleeps but Aman honk horns to wake her up. Later, Aman called Salma and informs that Roshni is alive and on her way to home. 

Roshni comes home and Salma is waiting at door. Roshni tells about what happened after resurrection and tells how Aman and his family was calling her Aman’s wife. Salma is overjoyed to see her and calls her real angel. 

At home, Aman proposes to meet Rubina and ask for her apology in front of his family. Everybody agrees except Parveen who is reluctant of him apologising Rubina.  Aman convinces her that Rubina and Parveen both are victims of Junaid and she deserves an apology. He is also worried about Rubina’s daughter and calls her his sister. He further adds that his needs needs equal care like Sara. Parveen, on the other hand thinks that she pushed Aman too hard against Roshni, if she’ll do again, Aman will might not believe her anymore. So, she agrees. Meanwhile, Baazigar comes home and everybody rejoice. Aman says, he has got back his love and his friend.

Aman comes to Rubina and ask her for her forgiveness. Rubina says since Aman is out of Jinn’s shadow that’s why he can see things clearly. The book shows that Roshni is resurrected by Laal Chand and she in under control of Jinn. She gives Chal Aaina to Aman and tells him that it is exact opposite of Chal Kuan.  Chal Aaina will show him whether Roshni is under Jinn’s spell or not. If Chal Aaina shows a black spot in middle of her forehead while she is asleep, it means she is under Jinn’s spell.

Aman enters Roshni’s room to find out while she is asleep. After many attempts when he fails. He hung himself backwards in air to check but Baazigar betrays him and he falls on Roshni. But Roshni is deep in her sleep that she holds him instead. Later, Aman finds that she is under Jinn’s spell by looking at her reflection with black spot in Chal Aaina. Roshni wakes up and calls Salma. While she was angry, Salma pretends to be angry. She pretends to throw Aman out of house. 

Aman talking to Baazigar while returning. He says that this time he will not lose his love. 


Aman following Roshni but she slips in Chal Kuan.