Aman is looking for Kabir while Parveen hides. Kabir’s body get evaporated into thin air. Parveen calls for Taron Ki Barish because Aman can be killed only in that moment. Parveen attacks him with thousands of arrows but Roshni comes through Peetal Darwaza and warns him. He starts running but stumbles. Roshni comes and saves him behind her shield. Parveen gets disappointed. Aman hugs Roshni. Aman got concentric circles on his neck. 

She attacks Aman with his name on a arrow. Aman dodges arrow multiple times but everytime it comes back to kill Aman. Roshni sees the resemblance of concentric circles on Aman’s neck and Sword. She advises Aman to cut the arrow with sword. Aman does that and after the arrow is destroyed. Parveen appears as Kala Jinn in front of them but seeing sword, she leaves. Aman throws the sword again in sky. 

Later, Aman and Roshni comes back home again through Peetal Darwaza. Voiceover says Aman is now Jinnad ka Baadshah. Aman says Kabir vanishes. Parvven thinks its good that they don’t know Kabir is dead and is killed by her. Parveen points scratch on Roshni’s hand. Dadi points out circles on Aman’s neck. Rubina asks has he touched sword. Aman agrees. Rubina warns him that affect wouldn’t have wore off. He should burn the clothes. 

Sword gets inside through window and was trying to kill Dadi but Parveen stops it. She says to herself that Aman is now Jinnad ka Baadshah and can be killed only by Aayana. She does the magic on sword by sacrificing some of powers of her ring. Sword turns blue on tip. Parveen says in 24 hours Aman will be killed by Roshni. 

Aman was taking his cloth off. Roshni comes and tells him to hurry up. They both teases each other. 


Chotu is thrown out and he shows powers by blowing a car in air.