Episode starts with Tabizi opening Ilmi Jinn book to take help in locating sword. Parveen is happy because she hid the sword in between the clouds and is quite confident that Tabizi cannot find the sword. Tabizi opens the book and few pages flew in air. Then Tabizi reads a spell and a flower grows inside book. She then asks Roshni to touch to open it. When it opens Neelam comes out which is going to help to locate sword. All pages turns blue and sword comes from above and get stuck in book. Tabizi then asks Aman to take it he is Jinnad ka Baadshah now. Parveen is shocked to see that and thinks that she underestimated powers of Tabizi.  

The moment sword goes in hands of Aman, Aman turns into beast. He announces that no one can come in between him and sword. Roshni requests him multiple times to leave sword as he is turning negative. But he announces that he will kill anybody who is between sword and him. Roshni says his family is in between, Aman says that they have to die. Aman tries to kill everyone and everyone fall on ground. Parveen wants to get out the scenario so she hit herself from a vase and pretend to be hurt. Sara takes her to her room. Parveen asks her to go. Later, she make Soha (Chotu’s mother) unconscious who was just a spectator. She lays Soha on her bed and transforms herself to Soha. 

Roshni attacks him with shurikens but fails as Aman dodges everyone of it. Aman tries to attack Roshni with sword but Roshni not only saves herself every time but also successful in separating sword from his hand. They both runs towards sword but Roshni reaches first and lifts the sword. She again requests Aman not to do anything but when Aman tries to hurt his family again she stabs Aman with sword. 

The moment Aman is dead, Parveen turned Soha appears and thanks Roshni for killing Aman and freeing sword for her. She adds that it’s so easy to fool a person who is having angel’s heart. 

Aman then gets up shocking her. He says if she wanted sword, she should have asked. Flashback – When Aman took promise from Roshni to kill him if he wanted to hurt his family, Tabizi comes with a fake sword and makes the whole plan to trap Sifriti Jinn. Roshni and Aman laughs. 


Parveen’s Soha avatar is wearing off as she is chained and surrounded by red stone which is weakening her powers. Roshni and Aman enters where she is caged and shocked.