In today’s episode viewers will come to know little more about magic and Jinn. 

Scene opens with Tabizi talking to Aman. She came to conclusion that Roshni and Aman are in Kala Jungle, home of Jinns because Baazigar and Peetal Darwaza is not working. She also says that only Aayana can save them but she is unconscious. She ask Aman to use Jangemarmar powder and encircling them. This will save them for few hours. She was talking about Chal Kuan but get disconnected because Aman’s phone battery dies. Rakh Jinn and Adaa gets disappointed seeing Aman and Roshni save within circle. 

Soon night creeps in but they are still sitting within circle. Roshni is still unconsciousness and blabbers in sleep about how she fall in jungle because of Khan Baba. Aman warns her but she sleeps once again.  

Here Parveen and gets frightened knowing the fact. Parveen is now convinced that Roshni is not Aayana but someone from Rakh Jinn’s side. However, Dadi says that they have to concentrate on searching them but Parveen is adamant on doing something rather than relying on Roshni. 

Roshni in jungle blabbers how Khan Baba is cute and gentleman with family and at the same time so unemotional. Aman, on the other hand thinks how can Roshni be so innocent and cheat at the same time. Adaa says to Rakh Jinn that she wanted to separate them but they are getting close. Rakh Jinn says, no Jinn can cross Jangemarmar circle. 

Rakh Jinn calls for Chal Kuan. Here, Tabizi tells to Dadi and Bua that Chal Kuan is made 5000 years ago when 100 innocent lives were thrown into its water. Now those angry souls allure people into them. She is sorry that she couldn’t tell about it to Aman. Even Aayana don’t know her full powers yet.  Aman saves Roshni from dewdrops. 

It’s morning and Rakh Jinn is still waiting and tells Adaa that says Chal Kuan knows everyone’s true nature, soon Aayana will come out of circle. Rakh jinn creates a baby beside Chal Kuan whose cry wakes Roshni. Roshni remembers how Aman warns him to be in circle but child was going towards Kuan and she wants to save him. Roshni runs towards him. Voice over says Roshni don’t know that everything is illusion and the moment she will touch the child, Chal Kuan will pull her inside. Roshni and Aman will get separated forever. 

Rakh Jinn says that once Aayana fell into Chal Kuan, she will never come out. Aman also wakes up and watched Roshni trying to save the child. He races towards her and before she touches the child, he pulled her breaking the illusion. Then, he warns her about the danger. They tries to escape but Rakh Jinn creates huge cluster of thorny trees and send three Jinn’s again. They shoot their arrows but Aman comes in between saving her. Rakh Jinn says to Adaa to bring Aman. Roshni will follow him. 

Here, Aman says Roshni to run without him but she wasn’t ready. She says, she will rather die with him than running without him. Aman pushed Roshni away. 


Roshni becoming Aayana and saving Aman. (promo)