In today’s episode Chal Kuan will call Chotu inside. Roshni who is searching for Chotu sees him going inside Chal Kuan. Roshni sends his clips towards Aman who is standing with dadi unaware of what is happening. The clips directs him towards Chal Kuan where he and Dadi both sees Roshni jumping inside Chal Kuan. They are unaware that Roshni is trying to save Chotu. 

Aman calls Baazigar thrice Baazigar is trapped in cage in bird form. Few moments later, Chotu appears from Chal Kuan. Behind him Roshni appears grabbing him. Aman pulls Chotu and gives a helping hand to Roshni. Roshni grabs his hand but Chal Kuan takes her in. Sensing that Baazigar turned into magic wand and comes out of cage. Rakh Jinn couldn’t do anything. Chal Kuan closes its mouth so that Aman can’t get in. Dadi says he has to take help of Tabizi. Aman takes out Peetal Darwaza and reaches to Tabizi. 

Tabizi says Aman has to go inside Chal Kuan to save Aayana after seeing from the book. Aman thinks of all moments when Roshni saved either him or his family. He says he owe his life to Aayana. Tabizi turns the picture of Chal Kuan to original water source and Aman enters. 

After searching he finds Roshni who is unconscious after getting drowned. He grabs her hand and next he found himself in his room with unconscious Roshni. He finds that it was Baazigar who helped him. Aman tries to wake Roshni and she opens her eyes. 

Later, Roshni thinking about how Aman saved her life but a pair of shoes is following Aman. Meanwhile, Sameer calls Roshni and in deteriorating changed voice asks Roshni for 5 crores by tomorrow night otherwise he will circulate the video to everyone. Roshni gets worried about managing 5 crores. Dadi comes to Aman and says that she wants to talk to both of them. They both moved to Roshni’s room. 


Rakh Jinn keeps a ball of fire beside sleeping Aman. Roshni and Sara find Saima unconscious with pill bottle on her bed.