In today’s episode, Dadi asks Tabizi that it’s not Laal Chaand ki raat. Tabizi replies it’s unusual moon and Sifriti Jinn will take it out from ground. Here, Jinn (Kabir) takes out Laal Chand from ground. Parveen don’t believe in whatever Tabizi is saying and throw her out. Tabizi requests everyone to put Aman in chains and not to open door for anyone while getting dragged by Parveen. 

Roshni is Jinn’s (Kabir) home and Sonu asks for a glass of water. Roshni goes to kitchen and finds her clips locked in a jar. Kabir comes from Peetal Darwaza and locks Roshni in a room. Roshni gets worried about Aman. 

Here, Adaa comes at door asking to save her life and Parveen opens door for her. Adaa goes to Aman and says that she will kill everyone. Flashback shows, it’s Jinn taking form of Adaa. Real Adaa comes at door which is a warning for everyone that the one inside is not real. 

Roshni calls Chotu and asks her to go for a video call. Adaa kills everyone one by one in family while Aman who is in chains and Roshni through Video conference watches helplessly. After killing everyone Adaa comes to Chotu and tells Roshni that she warned that she will kill all. Roshni gets to know that it’s Kabir. Adaa says that now it’s turn of her favourite Chotu and throws mobile on floor. Adaa moves towards Chotu while Aman and Roshni panicked. 


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