Last week in Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, viewers witnessed a topsy turvy turn of events. Week started with misunderstanding, went to forced marriage and ended with clear of misunderstanding between leads Roshni and Aman portrayed by Ankita Sharma and Vikram Singh Chauhan.

Aman saw Roshni dancing in a ceremony and thought that she is like her mother. Also, his mother has created misunderstanding in his mind that Roshni knows about her groom’s first marriage. She went on telling to Aman  that she is ready to become his second wife on a condition that he will leave his first wife after marriage. But, since Roshni is Aayana Aman forced her to marry him. Later, she saved Parveen’s life from Jinn by collecting sunshine of dusk in her hands and spreading it on Praveen. Aman and Roshni later together removed curse. However, Aman’s misunderstanding too get clear when he discovered that Roshni’s mom is in ICU. He felt sorry for her. 

This week, viewers are expecting to see some romance or at least a friendship between the duo but looks like their wait is not going to be long.  As per the precap for monday, everyone seems to be enjoying Sangeet ceremony but Aman suddenly hit someone. 

Well!! Aman will be seen hitting someone in the room and creating chaos in his own Sangeet. Everyone will get confused but Aman will be doing it in anger because the person will ill-mouth about Roshini. This will raise eye brows of Aman and he will hit the man. While Roshni is confused how to react but she certainly shall get impressed by Aman’s act. 

 Will Roshni understand Aman? Will she ever be able to love him knowing that he is beast? Will Parveen able to accept Roshni? Well!! the show has started on a good note and we hope to see more twists and turns with Roshni and Aman together as RoshAn. 

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