Today’s episode will start with Chotu complaining to Sara that he is angry with Chachu for evicting Chachi. Aman overhears. Baazigar too deny of coming to him. 

Dadi and Fufi missing Roshni but Parveen says it’s for better. Dadi shows her concern for Laal Chand Raat. 

Roshni at her home discovers that Salma Jaan has faked her illness for money. Salma sees Roshni discovering and apologizes for what all she has done to her and for being so greedy about money. Roshni doesn’t utter a word. 

Everyone in Aman’s home discussing about Roshni when Salma came shouting loudly Aman’s name. Parveen  interrupts her and insults her. Aman came and Salma said everything how she is taking advantage of Roshni everytime and Roshni was never at fault. She also says whatever Roshni for Aman is not for money but out of Love for Aman. Aman remembers how he has insulted Roshni everytime and feels guilty that she was never at fault. Aman also discovers that Salma is not biological mother of Roshni. When Parveen asks for 5 crores, Saima and Sara comes and confess about video and how Roshni saved her marriage. Infact, they also tell that they were unaware that blackmailer was Sameer. 

 Here, Tabizi looks into book which shows rain of fire. She sees through window and witness fire raining. One of the fire blew and stuck into Tabiz which she is wearing in her neck. She says it must be with Aman because such Tabiz doubles strength of whoever wearing it. Meanwhile, Rakhh Jinn appears through Peetal Darwaza and asks for it. When Tabizi denies she threatens her for her daughter Farah’s life. Then she takes it and leaves. Farah when comes to senses she finds Tabizi unconscious. 

Rakhh Jinn multiples herself into many and they all goes to some place. 


Aman reaches Roshni’s home to take her back but Roshni has left house writing a letter.