Aalia takes Roshni to library with excuse of searching good story book for baby. She was trying to bring Roshni’s attention to the picture album which she forged but Tabizi calls Roshni outside. Tabizi gives 2 bottles filled with potions which can cure curse on Aman and Roshni and ask her to drink it at midnight. The potion will make them sleep deeply and then curse will be lifted.

Roshni searches for Aman who comes with Aalia and baby and says baby wasn’t able to sleep so they went for a walk. But still baby is not sleeping. Roshni says she knows a good story book for him and goes to library. Aalia instructs its snake which pushes the album in front of Roshni in library. Roshni sees the morphed and Aman was shocked to see because he has never clicked such pictures. Aman and Roshni fights with each other. 

Roshni is angry with Aman that he lied to him. Aman says he has never clicked such pictures in his defence. Roshni suspects Aalia and says that she is trying to create rift between them. Aman says Aalia is a simple girl and has no magical powers. How can she morph pictures? Roshni says she is doing it or he lied. Meanwhile, she also informs Aman what Tabizi instructed them to do tonight. Unable to convince Roshni, Aman goes out in lawn taking a walk. 

Aalia sees him and comes out. Aman was about to go inside when he finds Aalia crying beside fountain. He tries to know the reason. Aalia gives him a written note which is threat note for her life. Aman tries to console but she hugs him. 

Inside, Parveen puts a secret potion in Aalia’s water jug so that she goes into deep sleep and she can take the baby and give it to Jinn. Aalia and Aman comes inside room. Aalia tries to lure him but fails. Later, Aman starts coughing and Aalia gives him water. Because of the water Aman immediately fells into deep sleep on her bed. 


Roshni asking Aman that where was he in night. Aalia calls him from door that potion bottle fell from his pocket at night on her bed.