In upcoming episode Aman will rectify the child meal which is ruined by Aalia to feed the baby on breakfast table. Aalia purposely tries to bring past reminisces of them to make Roshni jealous.  Parveen on the other hand tries to hide her finger which is first sign of her turning into Jinn form. 

Tabizi is trying to prepare the potion to remove curse from Roshni and Aman’s body but saw blue rays coming out from book. Tabizi checked her potion, blue rays are not there. 

Here, Aalia got a phone call and she is informed that a rented accomodation is ready and she can shift tonight. When asked, caller confirms its from Roshni which she denies. Aman tells her to talk later while Aalia smiles as her plan worked. 

Later, when alone Roshni again denies of making any phone call though she admits that she is jealous of Aalia. Aman trusts her. He says, she is in her heart. Aalia overhears their conversation and decides to separate them. 

Tabizi search for the thing which is giving blue rays in the potion. By mistake the ring fell in the boiling potion and its protection is removed. Tabizi feels restless. Aalia mixes something in baby’s milk with help of her snake.

Here, the child was falling from cradle when Roshni saves him with help of baazigar. Later, Aman comes and Roshni gives him three childish reasons why this child can not be his. Aman ignores. When he sees Roshni’s curiosity about finding how London looks, he shows her pictures of him from London. He also shares his secret spot and promises to take her once the things will be sorted out here. 

Aalia changes all alone pictures of Aman from London by morphing her pictures too with help of her snake. She later keeps it in middle of corridor so that Roshni finds it. Roshni thinks that its some book from library and kept it there without looking. Aalia thinks that she has to devise a new plan. 

Parveen again tries to take the baby but Aalia got in time to save him. 


Roshni sees that book and got angry with Aman while Aman is shocked to see his pictures with Aalia from London.