In today’s episode Dadi and Fufi chains Aman but not strongly. Dadi asks Tabizi on phone about the solution. She told few things to feed Kabir that will weaken his strength his magical powers. Till that time Tabizi will come up with a solution to kill Jinn. Aman sees Roshni and starts turning into a beast but Dadi stops him asking to have patience. 

Kabir meets Parveen and says she will be stronger because he will become strongest on  Taron Ki Baarish’s night and she is his mother, so its her advantage and leaves. Parveen says to herself that nobody knows the secret of that night except her. 

The magical book gives a box to Tabizi and she is on her way to Aman’s home. 

Everyone is ready for marriage while Aman in chains. Dadi tries to feed Barfi (made from Tabizi’s ingredients) but Parveen signs him not to eat. Kabir refuses to eat and takes laddoo instead.  

Tabizi arrives but due to magic of Kabir around house she is unable to enter. Dadi gives her Peetal Darwaza but she couldn’t enter but she throws the dagger which when stabbed Roshni will come out of Kabir’s magical influence. Aman breaks his chains and throws dagger to Roshni but baazigar comes in between and saves her. Baazigar who was under spell of Kabir comes out of his spell due to dagger and comes to Aman when called. 

Aman and Kabir attacks each other. Roshni comes in between to save Kabir. Roshni runs towards Aman to hurt him. However, Aman tries to stab her but she hold his hand and give a jerk. Dagger got stuck upstairs. Aman and Roshni runs towards it and reaches at same time. Aman tries to stab her again but couldn’t as he remembers all the sufferings which he has given to Roshni. He chose not to stab her. Meanwhile, Roshni takes advantage and throws dagger. Later, she attacks Aman with her shurikens and hurt him badly till he loses his consciousness. 


Kabir and Roshni getting married while Aman is lying unconscious on floor.