In today’s episode Aman was returning from Roshni’s home when he gets a call from dadi. He says, he don’t want Roshni to be insulted again so he is bringing her back. Also, he cannot forget that Roshni married for money. Dadi argue that even he hasn’t done marriage with her for love. If Roshni is wrong, so is he. That got Aman thinking. 

Roshni calls him and insist him to come home. But Aman was adamant of taking her and sits in car. With no option Roshni too sit and Aman drive back home. 

On other side, Dadi talking to Tabizi that its hard for Aman to fall in love because of shadow of Jinn. He heart will be torn in two parts equally, one of which will in love for Roshni and other will be hating it. Dadi sounds optimistic saying but he will love her in the end and leaves. Tabizi turns the page of book which says Aman will love her after she sacrifice her life for him.  

Roshni got hurt because of the bump in road so Aman flies the car above clouds with help of Baazigar. Roshani says, he has done for her but he said he had changed tires of car and don’t want to get dirty. 

Rakh Jinn sacrifices two souls to Chal Kuan and asks to take Roshni’s life. She captures picture of Chal Kuan in a painting and voice over says, Roshni will be pulled into it once she gets near it. 

Aman and Roshni comes back home. Parveen argued to everyone that she is not Aayana but Adaa is. Aman asks Roshni to go inside but Parveen stops her saying that how can he take her side when he himself doubts her. Aman asks Roshni in louder voice to go inside her room. 


Roshni falls from bed while asleep but Aman stop her in air with help of Bazigar saying Ki Amifa. Roshni blabbers in sleep what he think of himself. Whole day he is saying Ki Amifa, Ki Amifa. Hearing this Aman rise her high in air. Roshni wake up and shouts.