In today’s episode Dadi, Parveen and Fufi takes out sword from Aman’s back. Dadi asks Fufi to bring First Aid box. Parveen heals him secretly and Dadi gets confused how he can be healed without any magical power. 

Kabir enters with Roshni unconscious in his arms. Whole family gets shocked seeing her alive. Parveen is uneasy to see her and looks like she knows something. Kabir said it was an accident and she got badly hurt. Aman first go and check her grave and find that her body is missing. He comes back and ask her to wake up. Roshni wakes up but points to Kabir instead of Aman. She also denies remembering any family member including Aman. Rather she goes to Kabir and fell unconscious again. 

Kabir remembers how he brought Roshni back because she keeps Aman away from darkness which will help Kabir to become Baadshah. He thinks that Laal Chand has killed her and only Laal Chand has the capability to bring her back. He calls Laal Chaand again and gives life to her but on one condition that she will do only what he says. Voiceover says Jinn has asked a favour from Laal Chand and when the time comes he has to return that favour. Roshni gets up and was in front of car when Kabir saves her and brings her home. 

Aman takes Roshni to their room in his arms. Roshni, in sleep again blabbers about Khan Baba and how he has hurt her. Aman asks her to give him a chance. She opens her eyes and get angry with goes to her home. Aman follows her but Dadi says to have patience. He should be thankful that she is alive. Aman agrees and vows that he will not do the same mistake again and woo his Roshni back. 


Roshni sleeping in her room and Aman is hanging in air backwards taking quilt off her face.