In today’s episode viewers will get to see Aman burning his clothes (wore at the time he held sword) in Paak Nili Aag as Tabizi instructed. Fire makes a way and encircle Fufi who is terrified. Everybody is trying to protect her by dousing the fire by their clothes. Meanwhile Chotu saw Aman’s shoes which he didn’t put in fire. He puts his feet in shoes and magic travels to his body. His eyes turns blue. Parveen is happy seeing all this.

Roshni’s scratch get deeper and she develops fever too. Aman cares for her whole night.

Next day, Chotu is playing with ball. Sara comes and asks him to come for his favourite chocolate milk shake. Chotu demands for his ball. Sara denies and leaves asking him to come for chocolate shake. Chotu gets angry, his eyes turns blue and because of his anger, glasses of windows shatters into pieces. Sword becomes more blue. 

Dadi, Aman and Roshni are worried about whatever is happening in house. Fufi comes running and informs that Chotu’s mom is coming to take him. Aman decides not to give him. His mom arrives. Aman deny giving Chotu to his mom as she is not a good mom. He also asks Chotu to go inside but he denies sternly. His mom asks him to come with her and pulls his hand. Chotu denies coming with her, pulls his hand from her grip and get angry. His mom’s car flies in air and everybody discovers that Chotu is under Jinn’s spell. They get inside. 

His mom still insists taking him with her, this time Aman got angry and everything in house started flowing in air. Sword becomes fully blue. Roshni pacifies Aman. Meanwhile, Tabizi tries to look for the reason in Ilmi Jinn book but Parveen’s magic restricted it. She said only a Sifriti Jinn can do that. Tabizi also says that Aman has left the sword but sword hasn’t left Aman and it is in the house somewhere. Roshni asks for a solution. She says she have. 

Aman takes a promise from Roshni that if he ever trying to harm his family, she will kill him. 


Aman tries to kill his family with sword, Roshni stabs him instead with same sword in front of whole family.