In upcoming episode viewers will witness Roshni calling for Baazigar who is still have some breaths left. He carries Roshni to Kala Jungle. 

In Jungle, Jinn is waiting for Aman. He will instigate Aman to sacrifice himself to Laal Chand. Roshni is flying on Baazigar and sees Aman in Kala Jungle and tries to stop him. But when all her attempts fail, she will try to harm him through sword so that Aman cannot walk to Laal Chaand. But, Aman dominates. Finally, Roshni make repeated attempts of hurting him through sword but after few minutes, all in vain. Aman gets healed by himself and ready to go. 

Here, Jinn got perplexed as sunrise begins. The moment sunrise will fully happen, Laal Chaand will melt. So he magically creates crossbow with threes arrows. He dips the arrows tip in melting Laal Chand liquid and shoot towards Aman. Roshni sees that and turns herself with Aman taking all three arrows on her back and facing Aman. Aman is shocked and take out all three arrows one by one. 

Before dying Roshni says to Aman that she knows it was one sided love but she is happy that she has saved his life. She is selfish because if something would have happened to him, she would not have been able to live. She also adds that she left because of her self-respect and came back because of love. She further says that she wasn’t so bad that she doesn’t deserve a goodbye kiss. He would have given that when they were separating. Tears roll down from Aman’s cheek. Roshni finally takes her last breath. 


Aman is at home with Roshni lying on sofa and everyone around them. He is shouting at Roshni to get up repeatedly. Dadi slaps him saying that Roshni is dead.