In today’s episode Aman finds blood on floor. Kabir arrives and removes blood by magic. Aman shocked to see a clean floor. Aman asks him about his magical powers on which Kabir answers that he is having Jinn’s shadow on him despite of mother’s effort to save him. Aman asks why he didn’t tell mom. He says that he cares for her and don’t want to hurt her by telling that all her efforts to save him goes in vain. Aman informs him that Roshni’s memories comes back but gain goes. Sifriti Jinn must have done something so he is going to Tabizi to ask for a solution. 

Birds bring all letters written by Roshni to her. Roshni reads all letters and remembers everything. 

Before Aman reaches, Kabir goes to Tabizi by magic and stabs her.  Later, he turns himself into Tabizi and tells Aman to stay away from Roshni till Taron ki baarish. Aman asks about that. Tabizi turned Kabir says that it’s a night after night of Laal Chand when Jinns are weakest but they also choose their kings on that night.  She says it’s all fate which Kabir also said few minutes back which fills doubt in Aman’s mind. Aman leaves but comes back hiding and calls Kabir. He is shocked to see Kabir as Tabizi. He anyhow dodges Kabir. Later, he calls Farah and asks her to take hurt Tabizi to city hospital. 

Later, he informs Dadi and Parveen in family about true face of Kabir. Dadi suggest of throwing him out of house but Parveen says that they should keep him in front of their eyes. Dadi and Aman agrees but Parveen thinks that both her sons should be in front of her eyes till Taron ki baarish as huge secret will unfold. 

Aman meets Kabir and says they have to save Roshni. He sees Tabizi’s hand but ignores to dodge Kabir. But Kabir knows about it and concludes that Aman is dodging him with his family.  

Roshni is going to meet Aman but crossed Kabir’s path. She threatens him to reveal his true face to everyone. Kabir make her unconscious and takes her form. 


Kabir announces his wedding with Roshni. Everyone in family is shocked.