Aman decides to evict Roshni because of Saima’s sister-in-law. Dadi tries to stop her but Parveen stops her saying that if her daughter’s marriage goes wrong, she will die. Aman takes Roshni out of home while Saima and Sara can’t say anything because Roshni tells them not to. 

Outside Aman says a characterless girl like Roshni takes his Dad from him. That’s why he hates such girls but he would have never thought that she will be like them. Roshni cries while tears roll down from Aman’s cheeks as well. She deserves Sameer and ask her to go and never come back. Roshni asks him to listen to his heart, rest their relationship will manage. Aman says she says inside that they are husband and wife for namesake only. Roshni says she is talking about the connection which GOD has made. Aman denies of any connection. Roshni argues like in rain, mobile connection is lost, similarly in hatred people lose heart connection. He should see beyond hatred, he will see the truth. Aman says how can he forget what he sees and listen. Roshni says like she forgets how he force her to marry, throws her out of window, that she doesn’t deserve him, that she is here for a month only,  that a girl like her can do anything for money but then too he trusted him. She trusted and felt their connection. She asks her to give her a chance and listen to his heart. He says, he is listening to his heart and that says she doesn’t deserve this family, not him and not any connection. He says, they never had a connection, not having it and never will be. Roshni says she cannot break the connection but she is breaking the relationship and never ever bother him again. 

Roshni tries to kiss him one last time, but Aman backs down and leaves. Nargisi leaves sheds again. Voiceover says until Aman loves Roshni, Nargisi tree cannot have a bud. Thereafter marriage is done. Sameer is happy that he has separated them without them knowing that he is real culprit. 

Roshni gives a shoes to a old lady beggar and comes back home. Here, everyone is sad after Saima’s Vidai. Roshni says to her mother that Aman has evicted her from house and his life. Aman thinks about Roshni. 


Roshni’s mother says to Parveen she has not done anything for money but from her heart. Aman listening. Parveen asks her then why Roshni has taken 5 crores from that blank cheque. Saima from behind its for her.