In today’s episode, Sameer calls Roshni in the middle of night. When Roshni got angry, he threatens to spoil the marriage of Saima and Aftab. He demand her to meet outside her home. 

Roshni thinks before crossing the powered line about Dadi’s words that she has instructed not to cross the line before dawn. She says sorry in her heart and crosses the line. Here, Sameer calls Aman and provokes him to check on Roshni. Aman goes and shocked to see Roshni missing from her room. 

Roshni comes to Sameer and threatens him not to spoil the marriage ceremonies. Meantime, Sameer sees Aman approaching them. He cleverly hugged Roshni who is shocked by his sudden behaviour. When she comes out of his grip, she is shocked to see Aman standing there. She tries to say something but Aman rudely asks her to sit in car. Roshni leaves. 

Sameer provokes Aman against Roshni again but Aman threatens him not to spoil Saima’s wedding otherwise he will ruin him by holding his neck. After Aman leaves Sameer vows to take revenge and ruin everything. 

While driving back, Aman leaves Roshni to her home and tells her, he don’t want to see her face again. 

Next morning everybody is busy with wedding preparations. Adaa comes with Chal Kuan painting and discovers that powder magic has gone. She decides not to go inside and send Rakh Jinn instead. Roshni cries in arms of her mother about what happened. Here, Sameer calls Saima in deteriorated voice and tells her to check her phone. She is shocked to see the video of her with a boy. Afraid, she calls Roshni and requests her to come to her room thinking that she is in home.   


Roshni hides from Aman while trying to get inside home. Aman feels her presence and searches for her.