In today’s episode Roshni turns into Ayana to save the child. She throws her clips at old lady but she catches it and vanishes into thin air after calling her Ayana. Roshni is shocked and ask the boy his home. When she knocks at the door, it was Jinn who is having Roshni’s clips and he was putting in a jar. His sees towards door and clips escapes. Jinn try to catch the clips but they dodge him every time. Roshni, on the other hand is constantly knocking at door. Jinn opens door after catching the clips. Roshni hand over the boy to him.

Other side, Aman is at Sameer’s house. Sammer is been beaten black and blue by Aman until his child comes crying. Rubina aka Tabizi comes with the magic book at Aman’s home. Parveen reacts desperately as Rubina is the same women whom Junaid married and she is home wrecker of Parveen. Tabizi is Rubina comes as a shock to  Aman too who has returned home. She says that Jinn has planned to kill whole family. After Dadi’s argument that same Tabizi has helped Aman and his family multiple times, Aman is ready to listen to Rubina. However, Parveen asks him not to trust her. Dadi said that both women were betrayed by Junaid as none of them knew the other’s existence. 

Still Aman is not ready to believe her. Tabizi asks her to keep his hand on the book and close his eyes to see himself what she saw. Aman sees the blood coming out of book and how book pulled Tabizi inside. Later, he sees his family dying one by one. This shocks him and he pulls his hand in despair. 

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