In today’s episode viewers will witness Roshni damaging Aman’s library and then blames him for doing that. She continued her blabber until Aman says that this is his house. Allah knows best this girl is garrulous. They fight for a hair pin and Roshani gives her number to return the hair clips. 

Aman’s grandmom Anjum keeps a flower which only blooms when Aayana (a girl with angel’s heart) step over it. While returning from Aman’s Roshni steps on those flowers and they bloom. At the same time Ada with her family comes home in bridal dress and they all thought that Ada is Aayana. Marriage ceremony begins and Ada said “Qubool Hai” to Aman. But Aman cannot. Roshni who was in corridor suddenly feel like going inside and turns to get in the house again. Here, Aman finally said he wants to talk to Ada alone before marriage vows. Roshni, on the other hand comes to senses and again turns towards exit. 

However, the girl who has Jinn’s plan B, the girl from graveyard arrives at Aman’s house. Roshni unknowingly splash some water on her and Jinn burns and fell with some plants. Roshni thought she is responsible for plants and leaves the house immediately. 

Later, she comes to the bride who is alone waiting for Aman. She transforms herself as bride and make Ada hidden unconscious under bed. Aman says that he is cursed thinking he is talking to his would be wife. He deny to marry her saying he cannot risk her life but she says he wants to marry him. Aman said, she is Aayana. The bride under bed comes to her senses and try to catch Aman’s leg but other girl tricks Aman. 

After Aman left room, she capture Ada in a bottle. Anjum sees that but she erases that part of her memory. Contrarily, Anjum takes her to the stage of marriage. 


The kid is coming with the jar in which bride is captured at the stage and gives to Aman while other girl is frightened. 

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