Yeh jadu Hai Jinn Ka is supposed to be a fantasy drama with magical story line of a good beast and angelic beauty. The drama does take us to the chemistry of duo Roshni and Aman and we floated in  expectation that even if Jinn doesn’t do magic, this duo will create magic on-screen for sure. 

The talkative Roshni is fun and serious cute hi ankhon wala Aman is delight. Together RoShan will roshan our life with their outstanding chemistry onscreen. But to our amazement, the makers are rooting for a forced marriage. Why? Why every time there is forced marriage between leads in TV shows? Cherry on this marriage cake is always a misunderstanding and GOD forbid always the same – Rich man is ruthless and poor woman is gold digger. Same wine in new bottle with new price tag. 

Can’t there be any other way to progress the story line? We would have loved to see their cute nok-jhok, their lost in love souls, yearning for each other, seeking for excuses to meet each other, missing each other like hell etc. etc. etc. 

Though its too early to judge so we are leaving that part to audience. But, for once we would like to see them not together but together. There must be a third way, we hope makers find out. We really hope to see the real power of Vikram Singh Chauhan as an actor which he have. He is one of the best actors which ITV possess. Similarly, Aditi Sharma is beautiful, talented and hard working. These two actors have the power of talent and create magic in unthinkable ways together onscreen. What really needed is the creative team to use them in making a long lasting show which is unique in every sense, not only in concept. 

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