Soon, the popular show Muskaan will face a mythological twist when the lead pair Yesha Rughani and Ssharad Malhotra will be seen in an eternal Jodi of love: Radha and Krishna. Both of them look stunning as Radha and Krishna.
Ssharad, who will be seen as Lord Krishna for the first time says,”Raunak and Muskaan both dress up as Radha and Krishna and will perform a skit on stage, there will be a big revelation point in the show and the audience are going to love the track.”
He also adds, “It took me three hours to get into the Krishna avatar. Makeup, costume, and jewelry everything was very carefully made and the smallest of details were kept in mind to get the right look. It is indeed a pleasure to get up a Krishna.”
On the other hand, Yesha says, “Sporting the  Radha look onscreen is fun and am sure the audience will love the track. Seeing myself  as Radha in front of the camera is a different feeling altogether.”