Aishwarya Sakuja :

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Romantic Date with the husband so Selfie to banta hai! Aishwarya, the new Charlie’s Angel looks dazzling as usual.

Aniruddh Dave :

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The Humanoid Robot series is nearing to a century, Aniruddh a.k.a. Y.A.R.O. sends hugs to all with a collage full of love!

Mohammad Nazim :

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After Jaggi, the actor is all set to hit the Punjabi debut BIG DADDY! The yellow shirt and the shades add elegance to the fit and dapper personality.


Sheena Bajaj :

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The beautiful bride in the pink!… As she says herself “The eyes do tell a lot of stories” On-screen & off-screen!

Navina Bole :

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The New Selfie Queen! You will surely fall in ishq with this gorgeous star of Ishqbaaz!

Ankush Arora :

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If looks could kill, then surely this look of Yeh Vaada Raha’s Ankush is killing all his fans!