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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Yug and Kahani facing tough challenges after their marriage. Iravati’s black magic truth, Yug’s innocence Rony’s crimes and Kahani’s honesty to Yug got revealed.

In the last episode, Yug raised questions on his family for keeping Lucky and Rani hungry and thus decided to take Kahani and her siblings responsibility. Kahani thanked and tried making Yug understand that not every dancer is bad in this world.

Yug dragged Rony to terrace and called Kahani too. Here Yug made Rony confess all his crimes against Kahani. Kahani vented out all her frustration on Yug and made him feel guilty. Patanga on the other hand got determined to unite Kahani and Yug. Iravati arranged a clay/mud stove for Kahani to cook for her siblings.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will get to watch that Patanga finds Yug crying in big guilt. He explains him that Kahani may be feeling a little relaxed knowing that at least her husband knows about her innocence. Yug decides that Kahani may be right but she cannot live in Rajput house. Rani informs Kahani about seeing Yug in tears.

Saroj finds Rony in fear and both discuss how to make Kahani out of the house and convince Rupa to get back to Rony. Rony gets determined to separate Kahani and Yug anyhow. Dolly takes Kahani to show the clay stove and groceries arranged for her and her siblings. Kahani says that she doesn’t know how to cook on clay stove.

Yug asks Kahani to leave the house and end her troubles. Kahani sees Iravati seeing them and ask Yug to hug her as apology. She gives Yug two punishments, firstly that he will eat with her from now on. Secondly he will never cry. Yug leaves and Iravati calls shameless. Kahani reveals that she knows Iravati tried to kill her through Yug. Iravati and Kahani have a tiff.

Yug keeps extra money in Kahani’s wallet and finds her childhood key there. He runs downstairs to get the lock. Kahani sees him with the key and snatch it from him. Yug brings his lock keeping Kahani stuck with Dolly and his family. Kahani refuses to give him the key. Ravikant in hope for betterment of Kahani snatch key from her and give it to Yug. Yug tries to open the lock in excitement.

Predictions are that Kahani will not let Yug find out their childhood truth, thus it would be revealed she either did something with original key or gave Yug the duplicate key. As we reported earlier Kahani will now be seen dressed up as Saroj and Gunjan as Kahani. Yug and Kahani will be seen near some street food seller in the further episodes. See Pics:

Why does Kahani want to hide childhood friendship truth from Yug? Will Iravati get alert and find out Kahani’s relationship truth with Ravikant and Yug?

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