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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Yug and Kahani facing tough challenges after their marriage. Kahani got to know about Yug’s innocence and Iravati’s evil black magic truth.

In the last episode, Yug saved Kahani from the goons. Kahani got fainted and injured Yug took her to the hospital. Kahani in unconsciousness continuously murmured that she didn’t broke anyone’s house, Rony kidnapped Lucky and Rani.

Doctor and Nurse reprimanded Yug for not taking care of Kahani. Saroj was seen tensed about hungry Yug. Lucky’s health got deteriorated due to hunger, but Iravati didn’t let anyone pity on the kids.

Kahani and Yug returned and got angry on family seeing kids condition. Kahani fed Lucky and Rani Food and Juice.

In the upcoming episode, Yug will get angry on his family and say that they all have lost humanity and became stone. Yug will raise questions on his family. Iravati, Gunjan and other family members will talk harsh about Kahani and her siblings.

Kahani will get angry on Rony for calling Rani and Lucky orphans. Yug will get angry on everybody’s answers and tell that he will take Kahani and her siblings responsibility. Kahani will warn everyone to not even think about throwing her out of the house. She will thank Yug for speaking up for her and ask him to think about whatever everybody said.

Kahani will leave with Lucky and Rani Telling Yug that not every dancer is bad in this world. Seeing Rania and Lucky praising him Yug will indirectly insult Kahani. She will send Lucky and Rani out of the room. Both will insult each other. Kahani will request him to not talk bad infront of her siblings and let them be a little happy.

Yug will drag Rony to terrace and call Kahani too. He will ask Rony for truth about Rani and Lucky’s kidnapping. Rony will hesitate, when Kahani will ask to swear on Harsh and tell the truth. At the end he will lie taking Harsh’s swear. Yug will still not seem convinced.

While all this drama, Patanga will get determined to unite Kahani and Yug. Iravati will discuss her next plan with family to trouble Kahani and make Yug tell them when he will make Kahani and her siblings out of the house. She will for the time being give Kahani a clay/mud stove to Kahani.

To reach the truth Yug will hang Rony from terrace. Rony in fear will confess all his crimes against Kahani. Kahani will vent out all her frustration on Yug and make him feel guilty. Kahani will thank Shivji for helping her prove herself innocent. She will make another wish from Shivji to make her meet her parents. Yug will fall into big guilt and cry.

As per sources in the episodes ahead, Kahani will be seen dressed up as Saroj and Gunjan as Kahani. Reasons are yet not revealed. See pics and Videos:

Will Rony’s confession bring Kahani and Yug closer? Will Yug punish Rony for his crimes? Will Yug still send Kahani, Lucky and Rani to London? What will be family’s reaction on Rony’s confession? Will Kahani get to know about her and Ravikant’s relation before it gets too late?

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