Actor Zaan Khan, who is currently playing Randheer Raizada in the popular show Kyun Utthe Dil Chodh Aaye, is juggling between his on-screen wedding and partition scenes both of which are being shot now.

Speaking on the entire experience Zaan says,”It’s quite a contrast for an actor. On one hand I am shooting for the beautiful wedding scenes of Randheer and Amrit and on the other side we are shooting for the partition scenes. So as an actor I need to switch emotions – which is also the demand of the script. The partition scenes needed a lot of physical energy as well, I have also got hurt in between.” Zaan also adds,”The dulha look is royal and elegant, designer Sheetal has given me a grand sherwani to wear. Randheer is looking handsome. I hope Zaan looks the same when he gets married. On the set, we have great vibes. What could an actor want besides all of these. The technical crew also did a great job. I just hope the audience loves the partition track. Then all our hard-work will be rewarded.”

Zaan Khan has been always known for his sweet boy looks. But when he was briefed the character of Randheer and for the same, he must don a moustache he was a little hesitant as he has never grown a moustache. But after the makers convinced him, he was ready to take up the moustache as the part of his look.