ZeeTV popular show Ishq Subhan Allah has recently taken one-year leap and as per the current track Zara and Kabir divorce case is going on.

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Show Ishq Subhan Allah which is set on Muslim backdrop is well known for showcasing the most controversial issue ‘Triple Talaaq’. The plot of the show revolves around the same and along with that through Zara makers raise up few sensitive matters like working rights for Muslim women and others.

Before the leap Zara and Kabir parted their ways as Kabir made Zara to promise on Quran that if she agrees to go Shaira Board then she will never return back to him. Zara and Kabir fought the case against each other and while returning the sniper shooted both of them. The story took one year leap and Kabir and Zara were seeing staying separately.

Kabir and Zara divorce case is going on. Kabir thought to meet Zara but he recalls his promise. Amina tells Zara that he doesn’t want to meet her there Zeenat filled Kabir that he should not think of meeting her, as Zara is the one who has filed for divorce. But Zara still decided to meet him.

Other side Shahbaz says to Qazi that he should tell Zara to stay away from his son. Qazi says to her that Zara is not at fault rather she should ask Kabir to stay away from her.

Now ahead in the upcoming episode will see Zara will be all excited to meet Kabir. But Kabir will call alina and says why she forwarded fake meeting message to Zara, as he doesn’t want this relationship. He will tell her that his and Zara relationship has to end.

It will be interesting to watch, do Kabir and Zara meet each other? Or Zara will overhear Kabir and Alina’s conversation.

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