Zara to find out the truth behind Kabir’s changed behavior towards her.

In Zee TV show Ishq Subhan Allah as reported earlier Zara and Kabir filed for divorce and they are given one month of time to rebuild their relation. Kabir denies this condition saying he can’t spend on second also with Zara.

Zara gets teary hearing his words but later when she was about to faint and Kabir catches her, she will feel Kabir is hiding his feelings. There Kabir will say to himself that he can’t tell truth to Zara that why he wants her to stay away from him.

Ahead in the story will see Zara and Azra will come across the video of Kabir saving Zara. Azra will say his eyes are speaking that he still loves you but he is hiding something. Azra will show the same video to Kabir too. Zara will say to Kabir that, she knows he is hiding something and she will find out the reason behind his changed behavior.

Now further Kabir mother will fall sick and she will ask him to make her meet Zara. Kabir will say he can’t call Zara there. When Zara will come to know about Kabir’s mother health condition she will change her getup to meet her.

Zara will also call her but Kabir will take the call and he will stop her from coming to their house. Zara will tell him that more than Mother-in law she is her mother and no one can stop a daughter to meet her mother. Kabir will get worry about Zara.

So, it will be interesting to watch What Kabir is hiding and what will happen next when Zara will find out the real reason behind Kabir’s changed behavior.

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