The marriage ceremony of Hamza and Kainaat is slowly giving a tiny hope to us for SaRoon to happen for real in Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera. The Prateek Sharma production show which stars Helly Shah and Rajveer Singh in the leading roles is introducing new twist and turns every day to make the storyline more interesting for the viewers. In the upcoming episodes of the show, the audience will get to see the marriage preparations of Kainaat along with some light-hearted moments between Zaroon and Saltanat.

The loyal audience of the show is already aware of the fact that Saltant who is madly in love with Zaroon was not able to express her feelings for him due to the promise she made to Tai Ammi swearing on Quran. Kainaat on the other side is trying to trap her in the web of true and false. In short, Saltant is going through a mess of a situation. Her morals are not matching her words and actions. In spite of all this, the marriage preparations of Kainaat is finally making Saltanat a bit more open about her feelings. In the last episode of the show, we had seen Saltanat asking Zaroon to rely on her and wait for her till the marriage is done. While on another side Kainaat came to Zaroon to give him the groom dress for marriage. As she was determined to get married to only Zaroon and she was indirectly performing all rituals with him.

In tonight’s episode of the show, we will get to see Zaroon teasing Saltanat regarding the dress Kainaat gifted to him to wear in marriage. On the other side, Neelam will be tricked to meet Zebran by Kainaat. Meanwhile, Rubina and Ghazala will team up again and they will discover the shocking truth about Kainaat.

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