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The episode starts with Karan confronting Anish. Anish tries lying but Karan asks why did he lie that there are survivors. Faizi comes in support of Anish. Monami wakes up and Anish rushes to her. He holds her hand and says that he’s with her but Monami calls Karan. Anish gets upset. Karan rushes to her and Monami asks if he’s fine. Karan says he is. Karan recalls confessing Monami but Monami shows indifference. He offers her water and Monami thanks him. Karan asks if she wants something. Monami says she’s hungry and asks something unhealthy. Karan says she’ll get whatever she wants today. Monami asks for coffee and noodles. Anish doesn’t like Karan taking care of Monami.

At Kundan’s place, a dealer orders them to send the items soon referring the girls. Kundan beats up the truck guys for having bad intentions for his fiancee and beats them brutally. Kundan brings the girls to seller which includes Lakshmi. It’s revealed that Kundan is the leader of the racket. He says he promised 6 girls but there’s only 5. Kundan looks smirking at Lakshmi. Karan is making coffee for Monami and Faizi teases him. He says about confessing Monami. He gets a call and says he’ll come. He brings the noodles and coffee to Monami who gets surprised. He says he has some important work and leaves kissing on the forehead of Monami. He asks her to have it as he made it himself. Monami is startled. She wonders what happened to Karan. She tries recalling last night event but couldn’t remember exact.

Bhatra is saying about RPF which deals with all the crime activities and last year Karan arrested them but unfortunately his leader KP (Kanu Pandya) escaped. His photo is shown. He says that he’s very cunning that he easily fools anyone. He says that he got information from intelligence that KP has planned an attack on their academy. Karan promises Bhatra that he won’t let them succeed in the attack. Faizi suggests to cancel Republic day celebration but Bhatra says against it. The cadets are making preparations for Republic day. They wonder what’s his new identity. On the other hand, KP is revealed to be a girl. His man gives her name as Pushpa event manager. They give a bomb back and phone tp her to take it to academy. He gives a special mike for Karan and the moment he switches on the Mike during speech blast happens. He asks if she’s ready.

Kanu looks at Karan’s picture and angrily says that he spoiled their plan two years back. She says that to her father that she will ruin the academy which is his pride. She tears his photo chanting their slogan. Faizi worries for Karan while Karan alerts the security. Pushpa comes there with her bag and looks at the security check. She pretends like she’s in labour pain and Karan takes care of her. Karan asks Faizi to call Anish but she says it must be false alarm and introduces herself as event manager. She enters escaping security cheque but Karan stops her to check her bag. She allows him to check and looks at the Mike. He clears her security and Anish takes her in. She thinks that he made a bad decision letting her in.

Precap : Pushpa will miss the Mike while she finds tge Cadets holding it. She gets scared for it to get blasted.

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Ziddi Dil Maane Na 20th January 2022 Written Update: Sid calls Sanjana.