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The episode starts with Pushpa checking out the academy. Karan comes to Monami and greets her. He says that is it terrible and Monami thinks he’s talking about rehearsal and says no. Karan clears it that he asked about breakfast. Monami asks Karan what happened in cave as she don’t remember anything. Karan gets shocked hearing it. Monami says she don’t and Karan gets really upset hearing it. Monami asks him to say what happened but Karan says it won’t make difference. Karan leaves without answering and Monami is sure that something happened. Pushpa tries exchanging the microphone with her bomb one but it falls down at a distance by mistake. She’s relieved that it didn’t blast and is about to pick the microphone but Karan picks it before her. He helps her as she’s not supposed to bend at her situation. Karan asks her to take care and asks if she needs anything. He leaves to prepare for speech. Pushpa thinks that he gave her his life in her hands and is sure that they would succeed.

Sid is drowned in Sanjana’s thoughts. He breaks the glass and says that she’s a cowards like her friend Manju. That’s when her words strikes him and understands that Manju is Sanju. He calls himself idiot. He video calls Monami and says that he made a big mistake. He says about Sanjana’s imaginary friend Manju and sharing her problems with him. He codes that Sanjana loves him and gets extremely happy. Monami asks what could they do as she’s getting married. Sid says he can’t let her go away from him after this and Sanjana and Kundan doesn’t make a right pair. He says that he’s going to do his best to make Sanjana chose the right decision. Monami wishes him luck.

Sanjana and Kundan comes to market and Kundan asks her to try the panipuri in the place which is the best. Sanjana is not in the right mood but Kundan wants to make up for their last night’s misunderstanding. Sanjana finds few men teasing girls and bumping them intentionally passing derogatory remarks. Kundan goes aside to pick a call when Sanjana comes to them. She mocks them and fights with them shocking Kundan and everyone. They all pass regressive comments on Sanjana. Chitra is trying to sing a song and Pudgoa finds everyone busy. She thinks that it’s the right time to exchange the microphone. Monami’s speaks with her at that time and Chitra demands for microphone to practise. Bala takes the bomb microphone when Pushpa is busy and Pushpa gets shocked. She gets scared that blast will happen. However they couldn’t pull the switch. Pushpa gives another microphone to them and says that the other one is faulty. She leaves with the bomb microphone. Sanjana leaves with Kundan and Kundan gets teased by fellow villagers for being a side kick. Kundan angrily beats them and gets angry at Sanjana. Pushpa uses satellite phone to contact her members to fix the bomb microphone. Ustad gets alerted that there is a security breach as someone is unanimously using satellite microphone. Karan says Faizi about Monami forgetting last night happenings and Faizi teases him. Ustad says about the situation and Karan alerts that someone entered. They starts tracking the signal. Pushpa’s member alerts her to make it quick as they are about to catch them. Monami opens the door where Pushpa is present.

Precap : Pushpa will fix the bomb microphone which will activate another bomb killing both Karan and the academy. Karan will start searching for Pushpa but Pushpa will hide from him.

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Ziddi Dil Maane Na 21st January 2022 Written Update: Kundan is a human trafficker.