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The Episode begins with Pritam asking Amrita what happened and says that the place is not that bad and he is there. Amrita says that she is not getting scared and she just wants to reach Ludhiana as soon as possible. Pritam says why she is in hurry and gives her a quote. She guesses who said the quote. She asks him to drink the tea. He calls her Bhabhi ji to which Pritam says that she is not his wife. Pritam asks him to apologise. Amrita let’s him go. He then orders Pokode. Amrita gets irritated.

Nimmi is furious and broken remembering her Father in law’s words. Gurmeet calls her asking her to come as Yuvraj has come. She remembers how he told her that they should send Amrita away. Her daughter comes there and panics seeing her to which she shouts at her. She gives her water but she again shouts at her to leave. Nimmi sheds tears and gets frustrated seeing the dirty Kitchen. She throws them in the sink and sits on her knees breaking down. Her daughter comes to her and tries to console her. Nimmi shouts at her to leave and if not she will commit suicide. She says that Gurmeet has betrayed her and has kept her in the dark. She says that he should answer her. She decides to go to the shop and will ask him and he should answer her infront of the world. When she is about to leave,

Gurmeet comes there asking for something. She holds his hand and drags him into a room. She closes the door and asks him about Yuvraj. Gurmeet lies. She puts his hand on her head and aaks him to say now. Gurmeet removes his hand and she says that hence this is the truth. He asks her to listen to him but she denies to hear and says that he has hid such a huge thing and breaks things in the room when he attempts to tell her. Her hand gets wounded.

Amrita tells Pritam that it’s been two years since she went to her Parents but then lockdown happened and Karan used to stay in the hospital. She tells him how he used to tell her that they will go to Manali but then he chose a way that there is no way. She tells him that’s why she is not finding this way good and wants to reach her destination and is fearing what if she lose her destination. She shares her thoughts and pain with him. Pritam cancels the Pakode but she requests him to eat. Pritam promises to send her to her destination till evening.

The family tries to get Nimmo bandaged but then she denies. They ask her the reason. Nimmi again shouts at her daughter to leave. Amrita calls Sony who tells her about Nimmi. Gurmeet takes the phone and consoles her. He shouts at Sony.

Pritam asks Amrita whether everything is fine and she says everything is fine. Amrita says that she can smell potty and asks him to help with changing the diaper.

The family asks her to get her hand bandaged and her Father in law shouts at her and asks her to get bandaged. She again denies but he wants. She gets bandaged. Pritam helps Amrita change the diaper. When he advices her, she gives him the baby and he makes him wear the diaper. Amrita gets lost in him and they both share an eyelock. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Kabir dashes with a lady who asks him whether he is Kabir Shakuja to which he asks her whether she knows him and she looks at him. Amrita drives the jeep enjoying the atmosphere. The police ask them to show their I’d and remove their masks.

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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th November 2021 Written Update: Pritam and Amrita leave to Ludhiana