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The episode starts with Meera calling Kabir, but he doesn’t answer her calls. Meera feels bad and regrets confessing her feelings to him as she lost a good friend. Kabir decides to call Meera. He makes video call to her and asks her why she’s calling her, he doesn’t love her.

Meera says that she couldn’t stop falling herself for him. Meera cries and says that she doesn’t have anyone else than him to talk and she will become lonely without him. Kabir asks her to not cry. Meera pleads him to not stop talking with her due to anger. Kabir assures Meera that she can’t feel lonely when he’s with her and asks her to smile. He adds that he will come to her becoming her Santa. Meera gets happy and says I love you.

Angad and Amrita arrive there. Angad asks whose Santa he is going to become. Amrita asks with whom he is talking over phone. Kabir lies to a colleague. Angad says that Kabir acting weird since yesterday. Amrita agrees with him and asks what’s the matter, if he has fallen for any girl. Kabir receives again a call. Amrita checks his phone while Kabir looks tensed. It’s turned out VC’s call so Amrita returns the phone to Kabir and leaves with Angad.

Nimmo apologizes to Amrita. She says that she welcomed Amrita to this house as a daughter and Amrita became a daughter, but she failed to become her mother. Amrita denies it and says that she always will be her mother. Family gets happy seeing this. Guneet says that Karan sorted out this as children brought Christmas tree in Karan’s memory.

Angad says that Karan always shows a way. Nimmo asks where their Santa Pritam. Kabir says that he called him, but he didn’t answer it. Dadaji jokes and they all laugh. Pritam arrives there and looks on. Kabir notices Pritam and tells his family who asks Pritam where he was.

Pritam tries to say something, but Amrita and the family members cut him and asks to get ready as Santa fast. Angad makes Pritam wear Santa clothes. Pritam recalls Kabir and Dadaji’s talk about Karan. Family compliments Pritam’s Santa Claus look. Amrita gives him Santa bag and asks him to reenter the house. Pritam recalls Amrita’s talks about karan. Amrita brings him out of his thoughts and asks him to go out and comes again with gifts.

Pritam goes to Monty, who is waiting outside the house. Sakhujas are excited what gifts Pritam will give them. Amrita starts a count down. Pritam enters the house while family sings Jingle Bell. Amrita says that Pritam will fulfill her wish being her Santa. Pritam sings Jingle bell and takes out a covered pot. Amrita and everyone looks shocked. Nimmo and Amrita ask what it’s. Pritam reveals that it’s Karan’s ashes shocking the family.

Pritam says to Amrita that he brought Karan as her Christmas gift. Amrita cries and walks backwards. Amrita goes into her room and closes the door. She cries hard recalling her memories with Karan. Other hand Nimmo and Guneet cry hard holding the pot containing Karan’s ashes and others look at them with teary eyes. Amrita cries looking at Karan’s photo. She falls down weeping. Guneet, Kabir and Angad perform the last rituals of Karan by dissolving his ashes.

The episode ends.

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