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The episode starts with Kuljeet calling Guneet and informing that the guy left from the house to his house. Guneet asks what the guy name is. Kuljeet says Yuvraj. Kuljeet apologizes to Guneet for what’s happening. Guneet says that it has happened one day and says that he also wants Amrita to settle down, she gets a good life partner. Nimmo arrives there and overhears their conversation. Guneet asks Kuljeet some and says that they will get Amrita married again.

Guneet turns and find Nimmo. He asks what she’s doing here. Nimmo says that he’s talking with Kuljeet about Amrita’s second marriage, that’s why the other day Msnsoor and Dadaji discussed about the same. Guneet closes the room door and tries to explain to Nimmo. The latter reacts angrily and asks if they’re fixed Amrita’s alliance. Guneet denies it and says that Kuljeet reminded him about old promise when he has come for Amrita’s delivery. Nimmo asks what promise. Guneet tells her about his promise of getting Amrita remarried to Kuljeet. Nimmo argues with Guneet asking who has given Guneet and Dadaji the rights to decide it without asking to her and other family members. Nimmo scolds Kuljeet for having this thought. Guneet defends Kuljeet saying that he’s a father.

Guneet says that they have to get Amrita remarried if they want her happiness. Nimmo asks if Amrita knows about it, if she also wants to get married. Guneet says that Amrita doesn’t know about it and asks Nimmo to not tell her. Nimmo asks how they can decide about Amrita’s future without asking her. Amrita knocks on the door asking why they’re arguing. Guneet requests Nimmo to not tell anything to Amrita and opens the door. Guneet says to Amrita that Nimmo is scolding him as his blood pressure got high. Amrita asks Guneet what’s bothering, Kabir also got job his back and his shop is running well. Guneet assures her that he will take care of himself and sends her.

Nimmo says that she will stay quiet as she doesn’t want to spoil the family’s atmosphere and his health, but they haven’t finished talking. Amrita and Ansh are a part of this family forever, Amrita can leave if she wants to get married, but she has to leave giving Ansh to them. Nimmo asks Guneet to rest as Kuljeet’s guest will be coming. She leaves. Amrita is suspicious that something is fishy that’s why Guneet and Nimmo were fighting. Ansh cries. Amrita calms him down. Soni brings clothes for Amrita and asks her to get ready. Amrita refuses, but Soni convinces her to wear for Karen’s sake. Amrita agrees.

Pritam and his friends investigate the guy that they have catched with Miko. Pritam asks the man to say who he’s, and who’s his boss. The man acts as he doesn’t know anything. Pritam asks his friends to beat him. They obey. Amrita decks up. Kabir teases Amrita and jokingly asks if she got ready for the guy who is visiting them. Amrita gets angry and scolds Kabir. Kabir says sorry. Amrita says that she got ready for her Karan. They hear door bell sound.

Amrita says that if it’s Pritam, she wants to scold him. Kabir opens the door and finds a guy, who introduces himself as Yuvaraj. The latter says that he has come to meet Amrita. Soni says to Amrita that her dad’s friend’s son is dashing. Amrita scolds Soni and sends her to check the arrangements. Kabir has a talk with Yuvaraj. Guneet arrives there and welcomes Yuvaraj in. Guneet sees Amrita watching this and asks her to meet him. She nods ok. Yuvaraj meets the Sakhujas. Guneet calls Nimmo to come. Yuvaraj greets Nimmo. Guneet asks Soni to bring Amrita. Dadaji and Kabir have a talk with Yuvaraj. Amrita arrives there and meets Yuvaraj. Nimmo looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pritam brings rasgulla to everyone. Amrita argues with Pritam saying that she doesn’t like Rasgulla. Pritam says that he brought jelabi and another sweet for her. Yuvaraj says that it seems they know each other very well.


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